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Other projects produced by Kenny Siegal:
Mr. Forky
Church of Betty

Coming To Get You
MSGR23 2005 CD

Life Behind the 21st Century Wall
MSGR13 2003 CD

MSGR08 2000 CD

MSGR05 1998 CD

It Don't Matter
MSGR03 1997 CD

Johnny Society is coming to get you. You have been duly forewarned. So prepare to be swept up and consumed by the force of nature that is the band's fifth album, Coming To Get You. There is simply no evading a sound this big, so breathtaking that it breaks down defenses and cuts to the bone. Once the sweltering, swaggering, pavement-swallowing pop on Coming to Get You tracks you down and sinks its teeth into you, you'll find yourself becoming one of the growing number of Johnny Society converts.

There are more than a few such bite marks already in circulation around New York City, the trio's native roost, where Johnny Society has steadily built a reputation over the course of four intense, increasingly brilliant records as a leader of the city's nonpareil indie rock'n' roll scene. They are indeed one of the most prodigiously gifted combos the Big Apple has ever homegrown.

And the group's outsize talent already has claimed a Who's Who of major-league admirers and elite collaborators. Johnny Society is championed by the likes of Robin Zander of Cheap Trick, rap-rock guru Rick Rubin, lead Kink Ray Davies, and Chris Whitley, who has contributed his six-string wizardry to several Johnny Society projects. With Clairvoyance the band earned every right to shamelessly drop names: the record was singled out as BEST ALBUM ATTHE INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS by an expert panel that featured Tom Waits, Wilson Pickett, Don Byron, Ricky Skaggs, George Duke, Victoria Williams, and Me'Shell NdegˇOcello. The knock-out masterpiece Life Behind the 21st Century Wall raised its game yet again to meet all elevated expectations, and now, five albums into their career, a member of the single most legendary band ever to put down roots in New York has added his musical stamp of approval: Garth Hudson of The Band, who lays down some of his trademark organ licksfor Coming to Get You's most lyrical moment, "Find the Light."

The band's impressive resumˇ to the side, Johnny Society is too singular÷and creates too much light÷to get lost even in the shadows of such towering artists. And the exceptional Coming to Get You grows taller and more spectacular with each listen. So you might as well sit back, brace yourself for impact, and allow yourself to get got.