Joseph Arthur
"Johnny Society makes the kind of rock that grows from the gut. Kenny came over at 9 in the morning and played me the new record, I thought he might be totally insane. I still haven't gone back to sleep. That was three months ago."

Bill Kates, XM Satellite Radio
"They're just so... GOOD. Music you can sink your teeth into. Music that's like the best hamburger you ever ate."

Houston Chronicle
Johnny Society is everything surviving classic rock bands haven't been since their '60s and '70s heydays: rocking, funky and soulful.

Sound Waves Magazine
All I can say is itÕs a damn good thing I was able to control all my urges while experiencing this masterpiece, especially the one of stopping people on the street and making them have a listen. All in all, Johnny Society's Coming to Get You is a monumental experience that will leave you mesmerized.

Relix Magazine
Siegal has an innate sense for what sounds good... He is unafraid to showcase the different sounds that he an deliver, vocally and on guitar, no matter how different one song may sound from the next. Johnny Society is at its very best.

Salt Lake City Weekly
While youÕre wasting arena money on classic-rock dinosaurs, pop maestros Johnny Society are producing the transcendent rock & roll magic you really crave. Get a refund, and buy this and the JS catalog.

BabySue Magazine
The tunes on Coming To Get You are intelligent, catchy, original, and completely timeless. Articulate arrangements support soaring vocal melodies that should affect the minds and souls of listeners everywhere. This is about as good as music gets.

John Donohue
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CMJ New Music Monthly
Steve Klinge
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Woodstock Times
Bob Margolis
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Washington Post catchy and so bouncy that you can't help but nod and chuckle along.

New York Press
Life Behind the 21st Century Wall is another solid rock album

Babysue/LMNOP Review
Rating 6 out of 6
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Entertainment Weekly
This power trio's heart is guitarist-pianist-compulsive songwriter Kenny Siegal, a 26-year-old hooked on rock's past. By reconnecting strands of '60s and '70s pop/rocks--Beatles, Kinks, Bowie, Queen, early Little Feat--in novel ways, Siegal & Co. come up with music that sounds both classic and brand-new.

People Magazine
(recommended album)

Living up to a name that's tops in pop, the New York City trio enlists knowing song craft and rare instrumentation.

Rolling Stone
Johnny Society have built a mother of a tower on the solid foundation of their first efforts. Frontman Kenny Siegal's crafty embellishments on the keys leap out of the speakers and his voice is limber in a soulful whisper/scream manner that recalls John Lennon. But this disc needs no comparisons, as it has a vision, an attribute all too rare these days. (ANDREW DANSBY)

BabySue Review
Ahhh...this is the one we've been waiting for... We went absolutely APE over this band's first CDs, so it comes as no surprise that we are once again swept off of our mighty feets. Wearing his Roy Wood influences proudly upon his sleeves, Kenny Siegel and pals have created a whirlwind of a pop masterpiece. The music is heady...and just slightly psychedelic...sixties pop with definite similarities to The Move. What we like best about Mr. Siegel's compositions is that they are extremely difficult to categorize. Is this fluffy pop...or very peculiar, abstract, and difficult music? Actually, the tunes on Clairvoyance are both. The listener is tugged back and forth between light tunes with easy chord some extremely challenging and mind boggling musical triggers that go way off the deep end... Taking the listeners in this office on a journey they can't predict doesn't happen very we always appreciate it when it occurs. Dazzling arrangements abound throughout this CD...and, as on the band's previous releases, Mr. Siegel's vocals are so goddamn good that you won't believe your ears. One of the best bands of the past decade that has not yet reached a large audience, Johnny Society has their intent pegged squarely in the right spaces... "Juggling Monkeys" is our current favorite, but that may change during the course of the next 500 spins... KILLER stuff!!!

New Yorker
Johnny Society churns out nifty little pop songs led by singer and songwriter Kenny Siegal, who delivers each line with raw intensity.

Time Out NY
Johnny Society frontman Kenny Siegal is a madman on guitar, piano and harpsichord, plowing through wild arrangements that hearken back to ambitiously orchestrated 70s arena rock, touching on glam and a soulful strain of Britpop that evokes modern bands like Oasis as well as some oldies.

Detroit Metro Times
Music Catego
The album by New York City band Johnny Society, sounds like a classic. Not just good, mind you, but classic. It's not that Johnny Society sounds retro, or retreads ground covered before and better by the bands it references; it's just that the album -- absent all of the fancy-schmancy computer muzik we take for granted these days -- is thrillingly real and alive, and it reminds you what was so good about straight-ahead rock in the first place.

New York Times
"Johnny Society is led by a songwriting machine with a rock star's voice."

Entertainment Weekly
"This New York quartet adds a dash of Queen's power pomp to its Cheap Trick-inspired ironic lyrics and cooly abrasive melodies. Here's a band unafraid to rock like punk never happened."

New York Press
"A rare album that sounds both cutting edge and straight out of the 70s."

The Village Voice
"Led by Long Islander Kenny Siegal (formerly of Geffen-signed Hunk), this foursome work the same territory as Guided by Voices and Baby Bird, patching together knowing pastiches of classic '60s pop and early-70's rock. Here's a Melotron, there's a T-Rex swipe, and the John Lennon homage follows the other John Lennon homage. The only difference is their fidelity to (relative) high fidelity - they don't want you to hear the seams, which may be why even Ray Davies is a fan."

"After freefalling kicking and screaming into their world, you come out the other side, and land firmly right back where you begin, safe but uneasy."

Good Times
"Replete with harmonies and guitar notes playing tug of war, you'll discover a 90's White Album."