People Magazine:
Dirt Floor
Chris Whitley
4/13/98 issue

"Recorded on a two-track tape machine set up in the barn of
his father's Vermont farm, with Whitley accompanying himself
on a National steel guitar and banjo, Dirt Floor is as musically
raw and basic as the title implies. With nine of Whitley's 
unadorned country blues and ballads, it is certainly a startling
departure from the loud, sharp-edged electric guitar bursts on 
his 1995 release Din of Ecstasy, which had him veering toward 
heavy metalville. By powering down, Whitley has tapped into some
deep emotional reserves; in his voice and in his guitar playing 
are ghostly echoes both of black southern blues and ancient Celtic
hill music. Logging less than 30 minutes playing time, the only
flaw in Dirt Floor is its brevity."