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Blues Corner
by Matthew Lawton

Chris Whitley
Dirt Floor (Messenger)

For those of you who have been waiting for Chris Whitley to return to the
country blues sound of Living With The Law, your wait is over.  Dirt Floor
is an intimate solo recording in which Whitley plays and sings everything.
Dirt Floor was plainly recorded last December in one day, with just one
stereo ribbon microphone, live, to a 2-track deck.  This recording process
could be labeled lo-fi, but Dirt FLoor is pure high-quality.  Whitley's
rich, full voice can be heard loud and clear as he sings of his search
while the angels watch from above.  Most of the nine tracks feature Whitley
with just his guitar, while the banjo is prominently displayed on a few
tracks and the ever popular foot-stomp is the only rhythm section.  Whitley
hasn't sounded this good in years.