Buzz Morison

Live At Martyrs'

Whitley's unique playing style and tortured, twisted songs 
merge blues, folk and rock into a thorny music that, like a 
rose bush, threatens those who get too close but inspires 
awe from a distance with its beauty. As the title indicates, 
Whitley's sixth album is a live recording of the artist alone 
with his voice and National Steel guitar. The stark portraits 
he rips from within are as difficult as they are enticing. On 
"Long Way Around," his gnarled finger fury invokes Jimi 
Hendrix while his vocals recall Texas guitarslinger Ian 
Moore; the tumbling slide-guitar strummings of "Home Is 
Where You Get Across" are dedicated to his daughter. His 
songs display an anger, fueled by traumas of his personal 
life, and he channels his emotions into wicked playing that 
isn't about chops and technique, but nonetheless conveys a 
homespun intricacy. Two new songs join 12 from his previous 
albums and a stunning cover of Kraftwerk's "The Model."