Michael McLaughlin

Live At Martyrs'

Live at Martyrs' by Chris Whitley: A case study in the 
dangers of chasing your muse. One of the more powerful 
songwriters to appear during the '90s, Whitley initially 
appeared to be on a "can't fail" course to popular 
success. But his stylistic shifts combined with the 
short-attention span of the music buying public scrapped 
his ascension. Although it may seem Whitley vanished 
from the music eye since his extraordinary 1991 debut 
Living With the Law, Live serves as a Bigfoot snapshot 
that somewhere, way out in the "indie void," brilliance 
thrives outside the confines of the majors. And in this 
case the set-up's real simple -- a man, a guitar, his foot 
and a set of moody songs beautiful enough to drink to 
on a winter's Friday night as the windows frost up.