FOCUS Magazine
Chris Whitley
Dirt Floor
By Virginia Reed

"At some point in time, Whitley's demons might just devour him up
like Robert Johnson's fabled debt to Beelzebub. Let's all hope it's
much later than sooner, but there's no denying that Whitley's 
intensely personal blues are dark and spiritually driven. Even in 
his raunchiest, Delta=soaked works, there's always Whitley's worn-down
soul looking for some inkling of revelation. In the future, folks will
discover that this album was a transitional release from him-a short 
(9 songs in 27 minutes) acoustic set where he peels back the studio 
gloss (which was in short supply anyway) in favor of a prayer between
him and his maker. With just an acoustic slide guitar and a boot heel
keeping time on a wooden floor, Whitley delivers these haunting words
like a man on death row. The most emotional release of his career. 
And that's saying a lot."